It’s Primary Season! Your Vote, Your Voice.

The first 2020 political primaries begin this month. Are you ready? PinMart is ready with our collection of Political Pins! Nearly every state holds a primary election or caucus to determine candidates for November’s general election. Through primary voting, candidates are awarded delegates. 1,990 delegates are needed this year to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. Often voters are only concerned with the big event of the general election, but the primaries are important, too.

Political Pins

If you wait until the general election to vote, there will likely only be two candidates to choose from. There will be a wider selection of contenders to choose from in the primary and you can vote for the one who best represents your interests and values. Also, remember, there are other political offices on the line besides the presidency.

I know it can be a hassle to vote. After a long workday, who wants to go wait in line at their local polling place? Sometimes, it’s an adventure just figuring out where your polling location is. You can try making Election Day a social event. Meet up with friends or neighbors at the polls. You can wait in line together and after casting your ballots go for dinner or drinks and watch the returns come in. Then it’s something to look forward to instead of a chore.

Political Buttons

So, don’t be complacent this election season. It’s too important to vote and to be an informed voter. Watch the debates, check out the candidates’ websites and pay attention to the news. You can also have some fun during this year’s election season by wearing your favorite political pins from PinMart! Check out our selection and get out and vote!

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