Custom Pins That Promote Your Podcast

It’s official… I’m obsessed with podcasts! More specifically, Meghan Rienks podcast. I have been a long-time viewer of YouTube personality and actress Meghan Rienks YouTube channel. When she announced she was starting a podcast titled “Don’t Blame Me”, I at first was skeptical as to what exactly a podcast was yet my skepticism quickly changed as I realized I really like the whole idea of it. New episodes are available every Friday on Apple Podcasts and Sound Cloud. You can also now watch her podcast on her YouTube channel.Don't Blame Me Podcast Meghan Rienks

While on the topic of podcasts… Recently, Saturdays With Chickenduck, a weekly podcast hosted by James Adam and Casey Schearer reached out wanting to create a Custom Pin for their podcast. We took their logo, which is a chickenduck, yes, you read that correctly, it’s not a typo, a chickenduck and turned it into a quack-tastic pin!Saturdays With Chickenduck Podcast I of course wanted to know a little more about how they came up with the name chickenduck, so I reached out and was amazed to hear the reason behind the name and how the podcast came to be. Host Casey Schearer said the idea to do the podcast came to him after he saw Kevin Smith at the premier for his movie Yoga Hosers in Red Bank, NJ at The Count Basie Theater. Casey recalls Kevin Smith saying something about how if you feel like you have something to say, get your friends together and record a podcast. Casey then talked it over with his friend Jimmy and together they decided to start their own podcast. The name came to them easier than actually starting the show. When they were kids, they would always pass a house next to a contaminated lake due to a local battery plant. At the house were birds that looked like they were half chicken half duck, hence the name “chickenduck”. They had always talked about starting a cartoon when they were younger about the Chickenduck but they never did anything with it. So instead they decided to use the name for their podcast. Their friend Jimmy Ettele, The Napkin Guy (@thenapkinguy on Instagram) created their quirky logo for them and Casey wanted something to sell that would last forever so he decided to get pins made. That’s where we came in! 

Custom Pins are a great way to promote a podcast. Why you may ask? Well if you have a podcast of your own, you may already know how much your loyal listeners enjoy merchandise that represents the podcast they love. Custom Pins are a witty way to brand your podcast. Set your podcast apart from the rest! Rather than t-shirts and mugs, listeners can show off their love and support of your podcast on the daily. Whether they accessorize their denim jacket or backpack with your pin it’s likely that more people will see your Custom Pin then they would a mug that the listener drinks from in the comfort of their own home.

Saturdays With Chickenduck Podcast Custom Pin

Thank you @chickenduckpond! We had a blast helping you create your Custom Pin.

Be sure to check out their podcast on Soundcloud.

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