Labor Day Legacy

Labor day is a reminder of the power of the people. It’s a legacy of people coming Volunteering pinstogether for a common cause, and the result is something you see every day in American work places. Whether it’s an office or a factory line, unions have played a role in improving workplace quality, establishing a 5 day work week, and ensuring workplace safety. And it’s why the US and Canada take this first Monday in September off, with many other countries doing the same on the first Monday in May.

Labor day has also become a day when Americans are encouraged to give back to their communities, volunteering their time, their money, and their expertise towards Volunteering pinssomething they’re passionate about. So it begs the question: what are you passionate about? For me, it’s animals. Recently I had the opportunity to become a volunteer member of the San Diego Humane Society where I live, and I have to say, I feel almost selfish for how good I feel helping others. Seeing the eagerness in the faces of the dogs and cats I spend time with, and the equally the magically connection that adopters experience when they meet their new forever friend. It’s truly extraordinary how equally humans and animals need each other, and the benefits both gain from companionship.

Finding your passion means giving yourself over to something and having that experience be the reward. It’s not money, or things, accolades or attention that drives you when you Volunteering Pinsfind your passion: it’s the doing it that is the reward. Whether it’s working with children, teens or adults in need, improving your community or local ecology, volunteering with animals, or creating something for others to enjoy or use, finding your passion is a game changer. And this passion bubbles over into other parts of your life when you find it. Passion begets more passion. So on this Labor Day, and every day, seek out your passion, and then wear it like a badge of honor for all to enjoy.

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