Uncle Sam Wants YOU

Revolutionary war heroes, pirates, smuggling, and the birth of our country… what do all ofAlexander Hamilton┬áthese have in common? They are the reason and the inspiration for America’s first officially recognized branch of the military: The Coast Guard! Dreamed up by America’s inaugural Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, the Coast Guard was created in 1790 to help protect America’s burgeoning trade relations with the world, to protect the coastline from foreign intrusion, and to aid its citizens who called the eastern seaboard their home.

From these incredible historical beginnings, the Coast Guard has grown into a formidable Coast Guard Pinsorganization, and an invaluable branch of the military. And this August 4th they celebrate their 228th birthday! So now is the absolute best time to recognize those who have served, or are currently serving in the US Coast Guard. Not only are they skilled in military matters, they come to the rescue of upwards of 73 civilians a day! That’s right, if you find yourself in distress in a body of water anywhere around the US, the Coast Guard will come to your aid.

They also apprehend drug smugglers, human traffickers, work with organizations to help save America’s coastlines and truly, they will come to the assistance of anyone or anything else that requires their vast and varied expertise.

So how to thank these amazing men and women? A heartfelt thank you can go a long way Coast Guard Pinsfor sure. But consider presenting them with coast guard pins as well, so that they can wear them on their civilian clothing and still get the recognition they deserve. Those in the Coast Guard have so much to be proud of, wearing coast guard pins (and cufflinks, lanyards, and car magnets, tie clips, stick pins…) will help others recognize both them and their service on a daily basis.

Happy birthday, Coast Guard!

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2 Responses to Uncle Sam Wants YOU

  1. Rachel says:

    Great blog post! Love the new Cufflink Stick Pin Sets!

  2. Josephine says:

    Very informative, I did not know that it is the coast guard that comes to your rescue! Thank you, USCG!