It’s Getting Better All the Time

I’m guilty of it. I think any millennial is, as well as a majority of Americans in general. We’re glued to our phones. Cell phones used to be a form of safety when on the road or away from home, a way to keep in contact when you had to be away from a landline. But in the decades since cell phones were introduced, they’ve become a whole lot more. They’re lapel pinsthe way we connect with friends and family in a multitude of ways. They’re our cameras, our event calendars, our personal assistants, encyclopedias, entertainment centers, and storefronts.  We can buy a car, a house, and yes, lapel pins, right from our phones. And that was the recent topic discussed by our CEO Mike Dominelli at a tech conference in Chicago.

PinMart prides itself on not only being an all inclusive lifestyle brand, but also on being a forward thinking tech company. We’ve been a web presence since the 1990’s and have lapel pinsevolved many times since then to improve the customer experience of our clientele. In 2018, that includes engaging with our customers not only through their computers but their phones and tablets as well.

What does that mean? Well, according to Mike it means decreasing the amount of load time on your phone when you’re shopping with us. And improving the quality of the images of the lapel pins we offer so that you can click “buy” on your phone with confidence. By 2019, it’s estimated that 72% of online purchases will be made on our phones and tablets, and PinMart has plans to make sure our storefront is visually engaging and easy to navigate.

That said, speaking as one of the people you’ll talk to if you give us a call, we’re not cutting lapel pinsoff our roots of being a family-owned, mid-western business. I love that we can be both a tech savvy, mobile-friendly website with thousands of lapel pins ready to ship at the click of a button, but also a dedicated customer experience company who can walk you through the ordering process on the phone, or if you’re in the area, even in person. It’s the best of both worlds, digital and brick and mortar. No matter how you get your emblematics, PinMart is there for you!

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