Wear your Pride Proudly

We all just want to belong, don’t we? Honestly, I think acceptance is right up there with food, shelter, and a purpose in life when it comes to the most important things to everyone, pride pinsregardless of who you are or where you come from. And that’s what June’s Pride Month is all about. It’s about being who you are, unapologetically and joyfully, and supporting others to do the same. The LGBTQ movement has evolved with every passing year, since the early political days of the 1970’s to the much more diversified spectrum of Queer culture, and whether you find yourself as part of the LGBTQ rainbow, or you’re a proud straight ally, Pride Month is about accepting everyone, so don’t be shy, whoever you are.

How best to celebrate Pride Month? Gosh, take your pick! For Example, Pride is famouspride pins for having the most extravagant parades around. Chances are your town, or one nearby, will be hosting one. It’s an all day, sometimes all-weekend event that features performers, political groups, social clubs, and amazing costumes. Everything from pride pins ,to elaborate, one of a kind costumes can be seen and it HAS to be seen to be believed.

Big crowds not your thing? Check out LGBT film festivals, college campus speakers discussing Queer culture, or volunteer at a local charity that helps at-risk kids in pride pinsthe LGBTQ community. Even just wearing pride pins during Pride month, or any time of the year, can have a huge impact. It lets the gay couple down the street know you’re an ally without saying a word, or the nervous teen struggling with a sense of identity know that there is unspoken support right there in their own community. Being a visible ally can make a massive difference to someone struggling to come out, or someone who’s already out but being bullied. Pride Pins may not be as flashy as a full blown parade but they can be very powerful in their own way.

Happy Pride!!!

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