Employee Appreciation Day

Award PinsSome businesses are better at it than others. Sometimes it involves delicious treats like cupcakes. It always falls on the first Friday in March. What is it? EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY!!! And if your company isn’t actively celebrating it already, you should be. Here’s why!

According to, well, every business article I could get my hands on regarding this topic, employees who feel valued for their hard work will tend to keep working Award Pinsharder not only for the possibility of future recognition, but because they’ve had their hard work validated. And that doesn’t mean you need to give huge bonuses to all of your valued employees. Try some of the ideas listed below and not only increase productivity but boost employee retention!

  • Start an employee recognition program with award pins that celebrate years of service or spectacular customer service
  • Have a catered lunch or dinner to distribute the award pins, and celebrate your team. Recognizing employees in front of their peers goes a long way to increase pride at work.
  • Consider an employee of the month club, with monthly emails and social media posts going out to share the accolades of the chosen employee.

Workplace studies have shown that initiating any one of the above suggestions into your workplace can improve every aspect of the workplace environment. Let’s face it, we oftenAward Pins spend as much time at work than we do at home. And because of that we should like what we do and who we’re with 40+ hours a week. Building pride and respect for each other can go a long way towards making your business successful, and enjoyable to be at every day!

So today, and throughout the year, make sure your team knows what they mean to you. Whether that’s with a heart-felt thank you, rewarding employees with award pins, or celebrating employees at events and on social media, don’t wait to instigate employee recognition. The customer may always be right, but your employees are the true cornerstones of your entire business.


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