Pin Up Your Holidays!

Happy holidays from PinMart! Whatever you’re celebrating this December, you can spruce up your holiday with holiday pins! Check out our list of creative ways to use pins this holiday season, and if you think of any more, please share them in the comments!

Make a pin tree

Craft stores will sell sturdy foam that you can then trim into a tree shape. Cover the foam with green fabric (or red or blue or rainbow, whatever ties your tack!) and secure it with holiday pinshot glue. Then get to pinning! Much like Christmas ornaments, pins are often a treasured collection of pieces that all mean something different to you. Added together they make a cool collage of your life and experiences. Display your tree on a desk, table or anywhere it fits.

Recycle a picture frame and gift a heartfelt collage

Get an ornate, quirky picture frame from a second hand shop and instead of a portrait, insert cork board inside. From there you can add holiday pins, mementos, pictures and small keepsakes that make you think of the receiver, or make them think of you!

Use pins for your Secret Santa!

Instead of a boring name draw for the office or family Secret Santa gift exchange, have holiday pinsparticipants pick themed holiday pins. Beforehand, assign everyone a pin, and then let everyone pick a pin, making sure they don’t pick themselves. Then when the gifts are exchanged have everyone pin put on the pin they picked to reveal who everyone’s Secret Santa is.

Decorate Your Decorations!

It sounds strange, but trust me. This year when you’re putting up items like Christmas stockings, why not personalize them with lapel pins that spell out names, show hobbies, and share what matters to the stocking owner. And you don’t need to limit it to just stockings. Add them to Santa hats and other plush holiday decorations!

Create A One of A Kind Advent Calendarholiday pins

Start with felt cut into a large rectangle, then draw on the calendar day/week lines with fabric paint or glitter pens. After that, collect 25 of your favorite lapel pins, and add one to the felted calendar every day. These also make great holiday gifts for friends and family, and can be reused for years to come.


No matter what and how you celebrate this December, make it memorable. We at PinMart hope it’s the very best, and wish you all a happy New Year!!!



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