Bold Patterns and Lapel Pins

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know someone who’s style game is on point. He’s also an extremely nice, positive-thinking southern gentleman who works for a non-profit, which means he’s fighting the good fight every day for those less fortunate. (Sorry ladies, he’s engaged.) His name is John and you can follow him on Instagram at @Famouslydapper and the name is perfectly suited to him.

I started our interview by asking him what got him started on his style revolution. “I had a lot of weight loss back in 2014 and discovered I could fit into clothes that were offered at big retailers… and a handful of my father’s old neck ties that I started wearing to work, but I still wasn’t feeling it. Then one night…I noticed my friend in a bow tie. I asked him a few questions, and then bought one. The rest is history!”

And he isn’t kidding. He’s got over 6500 followers on Instagram, all tuning in to see what bowtie, pocket square, and lapel pin combo he has pieced together every day.

With an estimated 300 bow ties and over 100 lapel pins to choose from, he rarely, if ever, wears the same combination twice.I asked him what his favorite combinations were, and his choices were as varied as his collection. Unsurprisingly, combinations of patterns, colors, and both classy and quirky lapel pins made the cut.

“PinMart has a pin that is just a soft pink flying pig with white wings. It’s perfect. It’s not too loud but fits in just like a missing puzzle piece, but still represents how I feel about life a lot of the time: anything could happen!”

Following this line of thought, I inquired about whether he might have some tips on how we can all up our fashion game. His answers were both helpful and hilarious:


Famously Dapper’s Fashion Wisdom

  1. Don’t wear orange. “It’s just an awful color and will never look good on you.”
  2. Trust your gut. “If it looks funky then it is funky. Some patterns just aren’t going to jive together.”
  3. Compliment YOU. “Make sure your clothes fit… Guys, especially us bigger guys, don’t like to be reminded of our belly by a shirt… hugging it a little too closely, so they will up the size. While you gain a little comfort, you end up looking awkward anyway.”


With those rules in mind, I wanted to know if he had any fashion heroes of his own that he wanted to call out. His answer was a nod to other self-made-fashionistas, Instagrammers who are inspiring everyone daily with their creativity and unique perspectives. Josh (@mrgarcia_) “…has been playing with texture and pattern a lot more lately and it’s been giving me all kinds of inspiration…” Also @mycreativelook, @hozzenplozz, and @lord_catten.


“Truth is there are a TON of great fashion and style influencers out there and the best thing to do to find them is [to search] your favorite hashtags like #pingame and #bowtiesarecool”


What I took away from the whole interview is that personal pride, open-mindedness and creativity are key for killing it, no matter what your “game” is, fashion or otherwise. John is proof that being yourself and taking pride in that can result in success. I want to thank John for taking the time to answer my questions and in general, for being one of MY fashion heroes. Check him out on Instagram at @famouslydapper for your own dose of inspiration!


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