What’s Your Sign?

It’s a time-honored pick up line: “Hey, what’s your sign?” and I grant you it’s a cheesy one. But the Zodiac with its 12 unique astrological signs, has been a popular and recognizable way to describe yourself or others, for millennia. And whether you are a staunch believer in horoscopes, or you just like to have fun with the different descriptions, there’s no denying Zodiac’s staying power. PinMart is joining the party with some beautiful antique metal zodiac pins that are great for everyone, and I have a few ways to use these pins that go beyond just pinning them to your shirt collar.

Hello: My name is Aquarius

How many parties have you gone to where you know maybe one or two people there, but otherwise you’re awash in a sea of strangers? Well, a great icebreaker is havizodiac pinsng a common topic presented to you. Why not let that be an answer to the afore-mentioned cheesy question “What’s your sign?”? Place a bowl of zodiac pins at the door and have everyone don their sign when they join the party. Then when you see another Aquarius across the room you can open with that, and who knows, maybe you can have a neat story to tell your grandchildren someday about how you met.

Create A Mother’s Pin Cluster

You’ve likely seen mother’s rings or necklaces that will have little colored stones in them to represent the birth month of their children. They’re wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but they’re a bit old-fashioned. In an era of customizable jewelry, why stick with something like a ring or a single charm? Give mom zodiac pins to wear on special occasions, to add to her purse or a favorite jacket! Plus, if your family continues to grow, you don’t need to buy a whole new necklace or ring: just add another pin to her precious collection!

Cork zodiac pinsBoard Collages

College is starting back up again and part of the fun (or part of the trouble) of college is decorating your dorm room. Even if you have your own place, space is likely at a premium, as is money, so fashion and function need to team up. Hanging cork boards are a great way to keep track of things you need to remember (“Call Mom” or “Late Night Pizza Delivery Number”) as well as decorating your space with pictures of friends and family, and treasured mementos. Using unique pins instead of tacks to attach everything really personalizes it, and then the pins themselves become part of the fashion, as well as function!

Birthday Badges

Including something extra when you give out a birthday card can definitely punch up the thought behind it. While I’m the first to admit that I am thrilled to receive a gift card for my birthday instead of a (well-meaning) homemade sweater, to have a personalized addition like my zodiac sign pinned to the envelope would be an unexpected personal touch. And since pieces like this are really affordable, you can make a habit of doing this for birthdays and holidays, which builds a tradition that people come to look forward to.

These suggestions, with some tweaking, can work for all sorts of different types of pins or other fun types of jewelry. And if you have ideas that I missed, I want to hear them! Let me know how you would use pins like these, or how you use pins in general, and we may feature you in a blog!

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