PinMart Accessories in Your Subscription Box!

You heard right! The world of subscription boxes is large and varied to say the least. But one of the better ones out there is a company known as Sprezza. The name is a shortened Italian word that means existing with nonchalance, effortlessly. Which is what Sprezza Men's accessorieshopes you will look like if you take advantage of their subscription box. Each month, stylists put together a box filled with half a dozen unique, effortlessly chic accessories that men can mix and match into their wardrobe. And PinMart is a featured item in August’s box! Our exclusive “It’s Lit” pin is a great addition to the August box, bringing that essential ‘pop’ of color to a suit jacket.

This collaboration comes on the heels of PinMart’s own launch of accessories geared specifically towards men. It lays out many of PinMart’s classic favorite pins along with new pieces that are geared to appeal to men of all styles and aesthetics. Adding something bright, classy, or even irreverent to a suit jacket can help you stand out from the crowd without having to even try.

But what can you do if perhaps don’t want to commit to a subscription box right now, but want to step up your style game a little bit? Allow me to put forward my top three suggestions for simple upgrades you can do that don’t take a lot of effort, but make it look like you did!

All the Single Jackets: Put a Pin on It

Plain and simple, putting a lapel pin on your jacket takes you up a notch. Whether you keep it clMen's accessoriesassic with something like a floral stick pin, or you share a bit of your soul by adding a statement piece (our O.G. Nintendo controller is everything), lapel pins take your suit to the next level. Creative, thoughtful, classic, the sky is the limit.

Cufflinks Are for Closers

Cufflinks may require a bit more work than lapel pins, it’s true, but you can have a lot of Men's accessoriesfun with them. Choosing something meaningful to you creates an instant statement piece, like wearing military insignia, or you can keep it playful with something like our gear shift cufflink set. This quick how to video on Sprezza’s Instagram shows you how to wear them, whether casual or formal.

Bow Ties Are Cool

While you tried and true standard tie is never a bad choice per say, do you dare to wear a bow tie? They’re making a big comeback, and as long as you follow the tutorials on YouTube, or have someone handy who can help you tie it correctly, you’re golden. Then add a quirky lapel pin to your suit jacket to compliment the bow tie and take over the world. Or impress your coworkers, significant other, or mom. However you roll.

This list is not exhaustive. There are thousands of ways to bring yourself into your wardrobe. From hats to shoes and everything in between. I’d love to hear from you as to what you do when you go that extra mile getting dressed for an event. Fedoras? bolero ties? Wingtip shoes? Spill! If you have a getup you’re particularly proud of, share it with us and we’ll feature you on our social media!

Whatever you do to feel good about yourself, keep doing it. Make America classy again!

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