Are Cool Pins on Your Back to School List?

It’s happening already. Back to school ads. In stores, on TV. And I’m a good many years removed from school, yet I still get a little bit anxious when I see school ads start up again! I remember trying to figure out how to update my wardrobe, what colors my school supplies should be, and how to spruce up my returning favorites like fall jackets and backpacks. If only I’d had PinMart way back then; decorating my accessories would have been so much easier!

So with that in mind, here’s my list of great ways to ring in the new school year with pins!

Restyle Your Backpack with Cool Pins

While new school supplies are a must every year, reusing things like your backpack saves money and time hunting one down. But how to keep your backpack up to date with your favorite things? Swapping out unique, colorful cool pins allow you to express yourself in Cool Pinsnew ways as often as you want. Swap out different collections of pins monthly, weekly, daily! Let the world know who you are even if they’re just walking behind you in the hallway.


Update Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories with Patches and Pins

Everyone from Gigi Hadid to Lady Gaga are rocking kitchy, sassy patches and cool pins. Cool pinsUsing patches and pins is a great way to reuse pieces from your wardrobe that maybe would get stuffed into the back of the closet otherwise. Create a collage or wear just a single statement piece on your denim jacket, or canvas shoes, even just the collar of your shirt, and get noticed!


Build School Spirit with Collector Pins

This year, as a way to motivate students, teachers can go above and beyond the “good job” stickers that used to be the norm. Ordering school related pins like “A+” pins, Cool pins“attendance” pins, or school club pins like “Swim Team” or “Robotics club” pins, and handing them out to students throughout the year can build school spirit, pride, and healthy competition in the classroom and the hallways!


Start A Club, or a Movement

Activism and social issues are becoming more important to students, what with social Cool pinsmedia and 24 hours news cycles. And that political passion can go to good use when students band together for social change in schools and their community. Start a Young Democrats, or Young Republicans club on campus and provide pins as a sign of membership and commitment. When young people come together with a mission, we all benefit!


However you choose to start the school year this year, make sure to express yourself, engage your students and your peers, be social, be active, and be yourself with the help of patches and pins!

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