Where Pride on Your Sleeve… Or Lapel

Pride Month is upon us! Though it’s been around for for very nearly 50 years, Pride Month has really come into its own in the last decade or so. With increasing acceptance and understanding of the LGBT community, the ability to celebrate during June has increased in the 21st century. From massive parades in cities like Chicago, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Toronto, to increased community outreach, Pride Month has become one of summer’s most celebrated holidays.

A major aspect of Pride Month, and the festivities around it, is visibility. It’s about the LGBT community banding together publicly in order to celebrate their individuality within the safety of pride pinsa like minded group. So costumes, makeup, accessories and jewelry are a must. And while some attendeesĀ  will try to wrap their entire bodies in glittery rainbow colors (that would be me), there are certainly those who still want to participate without going the head-to-toe-technicolor route. And I gotta say, there is nothing classier than a well-tailored suit and a beautiful statement pride pin worn on the lapel.

What if you’re not the party type but you still want to celebrate Pride Month? Pride pins are great at the office when you want to be professional but still celebrate. And giving them to friends and family who support the LGBT community can create a network that is still very much needed, despite the gains LGBT have made. Seeing a pink triangle pride pin on a stranger in the street, or a “Love wins” pin in a social setting can build confidence amongst LGBT youth, and foster a more inclusive society in general. I’m not trying to say that lapel pins can change the world but… well, they’re a good pride pinsstart.

No matter how you celebrate Pride Month this June, be yourself! Wear your rainbow knee socks, sprinkle on the glitter, fly your flag, or just pin on pride pins. Be yourself. That’s the heart of Pride Month, and the goal of the LGBT community. To be able to be yourself, no matter what that may be, and to be loved not in spite of it, but because of it. Happy Pride!

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