Pin Sets Are the Jewelry Equivalent to Squad Goals

Most of us-even me, a self-professed crazy cat lady-has a squad, crew, gang, or posse. And we all fit together despite our differences. Someone can always be counted on to instigate the shenanigans, and inversely, someone else will bail everyone out when things go south. There’s the creative one, the handy one, the one you can call at 2am with love troubles. Every individual is unique, but together you’re an unstoppable force. And when you’re together, even if you don’t realize it, you’re celebrating the combination of your differences and similarities. And we here at PinMart get that. So to celebrate the power of the group, we’ve released a bunch of amazing pin sets this week.

These collections come on a cool, stylized card, displaying the whole collection, whether pin setsit’s old-school gaming, a hipster starter set, or the best of late-night Asian cuisine. Each set celebrates the quirky, the hungry, the mythical or the zen, and then some. And from what I hear, there are tons more in the works, so these 12 different sets are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

One cool way to use these pin sets is to take advantage of the current trend in lapel pins which to wear multiple pins on your jacket, sweater, backpack, you name it. Some people keep their entire pin collection on a beloved messenger bag, while others carefully choose a select few pins to wear every day. These sets are ideal for creating a trendy collection for your lapel, adding color and visual interest to your favorite old denim jacket or chunky sweater. And with our sets pre-chosen, there’s no need to worry about whether they’ll go together: we’ve taken the guess-work out.

And if you’re like me, you’re looking at all of these pins sets and considering which of your friends would wear each one. Who would get the to-go latte, and who would get the pin setsdoughnut from the sweet tooth set? Who’s the head and who’s the heart if you’re divvying up the anatomy pin set? Much like the best friend necklaces of my youth, these pin sets can be given out to your best friends, so that you all look cool on your own, but together, you’re a perfect set.

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