What are your core values?

I wanted to share a really cool recognition program that PinMart initiated recently. It’s called the Core Values Program and it centers around our company’s code of ethics. Our mission statement, broken down into categories that help us work with each other, with our customers, and take pride in ourselves. And to help promote these values, as well as reward those who demonstrate them, we’ve set up our Core Values Program. Once a quarter the whole company shows up bright and early, enjoys a catered breakfast, and then dives into the highlights of the last quarter, and the goals for the next. It’s a good way to see where we’ve gone and where we’re going.

And then when that’s adjourned we’re all of us given the opportunity to get up and recognize a few people we’ve seen throughout the last few months who’ve demonstrated one or more of the core values. Whether it was going above and beyond with a customer, Recognition Programhelping a coworker with a project, or showing pride in PinMart itself in some way. And after sharing what they’ve witnessed, we give this coworker a small coin with “core values” engraved on it, and our logo on the back. It’s no bigger than a quarter, but a bit heavier, shiny, and it certainly feels like a small award in and of itself. But it’s part of something bigger.

The program is set up so that after receiving ten of these core values tokens we can “cash them in” as it were, for a $100.00 bonus. It’s a lot of money for doing some very simple things. And as both the giver and receiver of these tokens I can say that it’s just as good a feeling to share someone else’s positive story and give them a coin as it is to receive one myself.

It’s a recognition program I’d love to see popping up in other businesses. It would work in big or small organizations, and these tokens, being made of jewelers metal, are able to be used over and over again as individuals cash them in. It’s a alternative to recognition pins, with a different feel to it. And the camaraderie the action of giving one or receiving one builds is worth more than any cash bonus. It reminds us to appreciate each other for what we do and to celebrate that; something we probably often want to do but forget to do during the hustle and bustle of daily affairs.

Does your organization already have a program like this in place? Something similar or totally different with equally great results? I’d love to hear about it!

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