The Rule to Wearing Lapel Pins? There Aren’t Any.

As the year ends and everyone gears up for their New Year’s Eve parties, I keep seeing these articles online with “expert” opinions on how to dress up the right way if you’re going to a fancy NYE party. Some of them make sense (don’t wear a dress longer than you are in your heels) and some of them seem completely arbitrary (lapel pins should be worn parallel to the edge of the lapel… ??) but one thing all of these different guides seem to have in common is their assurance that they have the definitive answers.

And while I’m sure some serious etiquette-oholics will insist on following a rigid set of rules this year, I’m here to tell you that as someone who is literally up to her ears in lapel pins: lapel pinsthe rules no longer apply! That’s right: you do not need to wear a monochrome flower identical to the color of your lapel (seriously, I’ve seen this: black on black, blue on blue… what’s the point?). Nor do you need to measure the distance of your pin to the center of the lapel. Or wear just one. Or wear it on the left hand side. Whew. Got that off my chest!

In the 21st century, suit jackets come in every color from sea foam to magenta, lapels are super skinny and uber chunky. And lapel pins themselves are becoming more creative and unique by the day, so adhering to outdated, restrictive rules should no longer be the case either. Want to wear a huge carnation on your left lapel? Do it! Or do you have a collection of three or four pins that you can’t choose between? I say position them all on your lapel. It’s about you and who you are, not what GQ magazine says you should be.

2017 is right around the corner, and it’s a chance to start fresh. Try new things, be authentic, be passionate, stand out, and always let your voice be heard. Lapel pins are small (or not so small) ways to make a statement that goes beyond just your patriotism or your place of employment. They’re social, specific, and thankfully, they’re interchangeable. So don’t hold back this New Year’s Eve, and let it be the start of a fearless, fierce you. Happy New Year!!!

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