Thankful for Military Familes

Happy November! Welcome to the season of goodwill, of thanks-giving and appreciation for all we have and all we’ve accomplished throughout the year. And with this upswell of gratitude it bears remembering that it isn’t just our own individual families that we’re thankful for. Because November hosts not only Thanksgiving but also Veteran’s Day, and the entire month is devoted to honoring military families. Many of you are yourselves military families, and the sacrifices you make all year every year are both noble and inspiring.

ThankgivingThanksgiving and Veterans Day are actually very closely connected, if you think about it. Thanksgiving stems from our ancestors’ first harvest back in 1621, and their gratitude for being given a second chance to live a life free of persecution inĀ  a new land. And Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to thank the men and women of this country who give their time, their courage, and sometimes their lives, to protect this life our ancestors sought. You cannot be grateful for one without the other.

It’s easy to incorporate thanking veterans into your traditions during the Thanksgiving season. Consider donating to a charity that helps get service members in touch with theirMilitary Pins families on Thanksgiving. Or maybe send a card or letter to a service member overseas during the holidays, to thank them personally for their sacrifice. Perhaps wear and hand out military pins at the office or your community to let vets and military families know you’re thankful for them.

However you celebrate this November, just remember to let the military families in your community know just how grateful you are for the sacrifices they make each and every day. Because they do their part to keep our country safe, we at home have the freedom to celebrate Turkey Day however we want… with too much football, naps in the easy chair, or even tofurkey! Happy November everyone.

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2 Responses to Thankful for Military Familes

  1. Rachel says:

    Wait… it’s November. Where did October go? NUTS! Great blog post. Very true as well. It is important to remember those who fight for our continued freedom. Happy Fall!

  2. Steve says:

    Nice Post!