Cuff Links, Lapel Pins, and Patches for the Halloween Win!

It’s crunch time for Halloween costume ideas. Some people spend months (and a bunch of money) crafting brilliant and terrifying costumes. I’m openly envious of these people. Because while I spend months considering Halloween costume options, somehow I’m always that girl the night before the party pulling out tinfoil and cardboard tubes, trying to pull off something way too ambitious. Last year for example. I started off with grand ideas and in the end just greeted trick or treaters with my pet cats in my arms: it was my second year in a row as a “crazy cat lady”. Not really a stretch from every other day of the year, I admit.

So this year, with T-11 days til Halloween, I’m going to recognize that cuff linksmy imagination is way more impressive than my execution, and go for something clever but that doesn’t require an entire roll of duct tape. Accessories like lapel pins, cuff links, and patches can do wonders to transform you from yourself into anyone you want to be: scary or glamorous.

For example, a simple suit and tie, combined with something like political cuff links and an American flag lapel pin and you can be topical and go as a politician. Or add a lanyard and a clipboard and you’re a political hanger-on.

Perhaps you have a green apron that never gets worn for cooking? Slap a java lapel pin to it, throw on some khaki pants, and you’re ready to hit the party as a Barista. Maybe add some lapel pinswhite grease paint and fake blood and voila, you’re an Undead Barista! (Undead anything is a classic Halloween hit.)

Use military patches and a thrift store bomber jacket, add aviator glasses and you’re retro Tom Cruise a la Top Gun. (I have yet to see an UnDead Tom Cruise a la Top Gun… but hey, there’s a first for everything.)patches

Basically, a few simple accessories and some items you probably already have around the house and you can be just about anything you want (or Undead anything you want). No need to clear out your local craft store, and your wallet.

But whatever you choose to do this Halloween, be safe and have fun! And if you have any cool costume ideas, please share them here in the comments: we’d love to help you inspire other great costume ideas!

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2 Responses to Cuff Links, Lapel Pins, and Patches for the Halloween Win!

  1. Rachel says:

    Great blog post! Loving the cufflinks. I can see this being a great accessory for business attire and weddding attire just a touch of personalization to spruce up an outfit!

  2. Mike says:

    Love that coffee pin