Political Pins Are So Vogue

Voting is a lot of things. It’s vital to our society. It’s empowering. It’s sometimes frustrating. It’s your civic duty! It’s extremely important. But one thing I didn’t consider voting: sexy. At least until today. Because when Kendall Jenner, Michael Kors, Joan Smalls and a slew of other models and designers don PinMart’s political pins and dance their way through a voting PSA, suddenly voting looks GOOD. So good in fact that CondeNast sponsored the video and it’s now making the rounds on every social media platform known to man via the CFDA and Instagram. They’re calling it Runway to Registration and it’s certainly getting a lot of attention.

And attention is what is needed in this 2016 election season. Voters under the age of 35 make up about 31% of the American voting bloc, and yet according to 2012 election statistics, they only made up 19% of those who voted. That disconnect between those who political pinsCAN vote and those who DO are who this very trendy PSA is targeting. It’s drawing on the influence that fashion has on the younger generation, reminding millennials that in between photo shoots and celebrity parties, even the likes of Kendall Jenner plan to make it to the polls.

The use of PinMart’s political pins by many of the commercial’s participants speaks to the current trend that pins in general are experiencing. Department stores and fashion brands are launching lines of their own pins, and independent creatives are making a tidy living with their unique, outrageous lapel pin designs on platforms like Etsy. And so, in one star-studded short, Fashion, Politics, and Pins collide. It makes for very compelling viewing, I must say!

For a short time I still fall into that category of the 35 and under voting bloc. I remember clearly my first chance to vote back in the 2000 elections, and every subsequent election since that time. Voting to me feels revolutionary, powerful, even subversive. Because speaking your mind is always revolutionary, no matter what side of the political divide you fall on. And now voting is also trendy. So everyone, young and old, millennial to silent generation, get out there and vote! And be sure to get your “I voted” sticker or pin afterwards because voting couture is so Vogue.

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One Response to Political Pins Are So Vogue

  1. Rachel says:

    Great blog post! I think my favorite is the video on Vogue’s Instagram with the dog wearing your VOTE Button.