Gotta Catch ‘Em All!… Collector Pins That Is

After months of doom and gloom about Rio’s Olympic capabilities,¬† things seem to be running far better than anticipated. As a (very) amateur runner myself I love watching the sprints and marathon coverage, as well as the diving, swimming, gymnastics and beach volleyball. Though honestly, any time in the next two weeks if the games are on, I’m probably going to plunk myself down in front of them for a while, regardless of what’s on.

Another neat thing-to me-about the games is their tie to collector pin trading, something I know a little bit about. Since the modern Olympic games, collector pins have been a part of the games. The first modern games in 1896 featured three¬† pins: one for judges, one for officials, and one for the athletes. If you haven’t guessed, the amount of pins for each successive set of games has increased exponentially since then. Nowadays, if you believe theCollector Pins “Pin-heads” as they’re called, collector pins are more influential than money in places, and are in fact used as tips at restaurants and in taxis.

Pin collectors at the games will spend a lot of their free time trading, wheedling, and bartering their way into a particularly unique or coveted piece. They’ll put down money for the commercially sold pieces, but the truly memorable and desirable pins will be the ones that are traded for, and for some pieces, once they’re obtained, they will never be up for trading but will instead be displayed alongside other highly unique and priceless pieces.

Someone interviewed in an article about the pins said that the craze at the Olympics could only be related to another worldwide obsession: Pokemon Go. He pointed out that just like the game, collectors will spend a lot of free time wandering around the grounds and then battling other collectors to get what they want without parting with too many of their own favorite pieces. And the kicker is that perhaps the rarest and most sought after pin of this year’s Olympic Games features, you guessed it, a Pikachu, smiling beside the Olympic Rings. Catch’ em all!

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One Response to Gotta Catch ‘Em All!… Collector Pins That Is

  1. Rachel Geyer says:

    Great blog post! Love the creative title! Our family has been loving the running bit as well. It’s insane how fast these olympians are. Bolt even had time to smile! I have also seen a lot of pins on lanyards during the televised bits of the olympics in Rio. Pretty neat! Pins make great fashion accessories!