Custom Lapel Pins Are Going Viral

It’s safe to say that lapel pins are taking over the internet. With marketplaces like Etsy out there, and web savvy people who know how to create their own website storefronts, combined with companies like PinMart who will create (just about) any thing your heart desires, the possibilities are endless. And I cannot tell you how cool it feels to go on something like Instagram or Buzzfeed and see content featuring custom lapel pins that I’ve personally had a hand in: it’s seeing a little bit of you stretching out across the world and make it a bit more colorful, unique, and edgy.

Custom Lapel Pins from Choonimals

Recently a Instagrammer (is that a word?), a creative person and pin designer herself, posted a snarky-in-a-good-way comment on how cliche custom pin designs are becoming, and I have to say I definitely saw some parallels between what she was saying and what I see daily here at PinMart. Bart Simpson, pot leafs, cats, skulls. Yeah… that actually pretty much covers a lot of the designs that cross my desk on any given day. However, as a producer as much as a designer, we also see a lot of really fantastic, unique stuff, from “Trapeze Jesus” to a the charmingly crooked smile of internet sensation Princess Monster Truck (as drawn by the geniuses at Choonimals).

And while we discourage plagiarism, and we can’t crank out images that someone else has the copyright for, we LOVE all the creative designs we see coming in these days. When I started (boy I sound old saying that) we did predominantly corporate logos, baseball trading pins, and Lion’s Club pins. Nothing wrong with that, but to be fair, they all start looking pretty much the same after a while. Then in the last year or two, novelty pins have just exploded, and it has been awesome. Vegans, roller derby girls, music fest junkies, beard enthusiasts, and yes, crazy cat ladies, have come out in force to fill the internet, and my inbox, with amazing, insane, and hilarious designs and I salute you all!

The Instagrammer I mentioned above, by the name of Penelope Gazin, added, “They remind me of tattoos, because people decorate themselves with their favorite images that also tell a story about themselves,” and I think that’s the best part of lapel pins. Whether you’re wearing a Lion’s Club pin or a Rastafarian banana, chances are you’re proud of whatever you’re pinning to yourself. You tell a story with custom lapel pins just like you do with any other piece of clothing or jewelry, or even tattoos. So wear that Purrmaid pin, or that Sad Keanu lapel pin with pride, and know we at PinMart can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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