Lapel Pins Fit For A King… THE King

I think this story is pretty cool. Not often in my job do I get to claim that what I do is in any way tied to rock and roll royalty, much less the King himself. But this morning an article found its way into my inbox that I thought was really unique..

There’s currently a celebrity jewelry estate sale going on, one that’s traveling across the country to garner praise and hopefully sales, with items ranging from the outrageous (Elizabeth Taylor’s peridot earrings that look heavy enough to give me a headache), to the truly sentimental. On the sentimental end are a pair of very simple lapel pins, an E and P. They of course belonged to none other than Elvis Presley, during his early days of stardom, lapel pinsand the jewelry experts in charge of them admit that they aren’t even real gold. Never the less, the man they represent, and the stories that the oft-handled lapel pins tell makes them right at home beside the golf ball-sized, diamond encrusted ring once donned by actress Lana Turner.

The woman in charge of the traveling show pointed out that while most of the lapel pinspieces in the collection were ostentatious to say the least, there were a few pieces that held their own despite having little to no actual monetary value. And that’s where the King’s lapel pins come in.

The story goes that they belonged to Presley in the mid to late 50’s, when his fame skyrocketed faster than anyone could have wrapped their head around. And so despite the fact that he could, and did, own much more expensive and glamorous pieces, Elvis often wore the two simple faux-gold lapel pins proudly beside jewels and precious metals. They were a gift of unknown origin. And the more remarkable turn of events comes when he gave them away one day, to a fan. The woman, Julia Mason, kept them for many decades until they were sold to the jewelry collector to ensure they went to another generation of Elvis Presley fans, to be loved and cherished like she had.

I just think it’s amazing that a pair of lapel pins that were given an estimated monetary value of about $.50, could be currently traveling the country along side items with price tags in the hundreds of thousands. The two well-worn lapel pins are currently going for nearly $10,000, but that number is expected to rise.

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2 Responses to Lapel Pins Fit For A King… THE King

  1. Rachel says:

    Great Read! Pretty neat to think the King rocked lapel pins back in the day. I have seen some people use pins like this to monogram as well like purses or hats.

  2. Butterfly says:

    Thanks for being on point and on tagter!