Red Carpet Season

Apparently Business Insider, a site with, you guessed it, insight into domestic and world business markets, also has a “lifestyle” division! And with award season in full swing, they took aim at the fashions that are making their way down the red carpet at events such as the Emmys, Grammys, and Oscars. In a less typical move, they concentrated on men’s fashion, specifically: lapel pins and brooches.  I must say I was surprised at what they said.

The article was more of a rant than anything else, lasering in on rapper and TV personality LL Cool J. He hosted the Grammys a couple of weeks back, and for the event wore a fairly basic tuxedo, with matching bowtie and his ever present newsboy cap. On his lapel was a 191Red_1kbrooch in silver and diamonds, a cursive “LL”. And the Business Insider thought it was a train wreck. To contrast, they pointed out another celebrity who had been sporting a lapel pin, Rami Malek. His equally unremarkable but well-cut tuxedo was adorned with a black flower stick pin. They claimed that it did not draw the eye away from the rest of his outfit, and therefore served its purpose.

I gotta say, I couldn’t disagree more! Maybe it’s because I’m witness to every color, size, style and shape of lapel pin known to man on a daily basis, but LL’s pin didn’t come off as any more ostentatious than any other statement piece that celebrities wear for a special event. A diamond necklace, bejeweled earrings, a massive canary diamond ring. When you’re going to the Grammys, or the Oscars, it’s not time to keep things conservative, it’s time to pull out the big guns. And LL’s elegant, if perhaps slightly narcissistic, pin, was definitely not the eyesore that the Business Insider is making it out to be. To go one step further, Malek’s black flower on a black lapel display seemed almost a waste of time. If you’re going to wear a lapel pin, it might as well be seen, not camouflaged. A pop of color would have definitely made all the difference.

So with the Oscars this weekend, we’re sure to see more examples of over the top, and completely outrageous fashions. I’m personally hoping people take risks, whether that’s with gaudy brooches and lapel pins or feathers and flounces. What can I say: I’m a lady who loves a risk taker.

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