Embroidered Patches Are the New Black

I don’t think it’s self-deprecating to say that I’m not the most fashion forward person I know. And I’m OK with that. But it turns out that PinMart, if not me, is actually very trendy! Recent articles in fashion magazines are filled with men-and women-wearing understated or outlandish pins on their lapels, and just recently someone pointed out an article about Tommy Hilfiger, a name even I’m familiar with.

Embroidered Patches

It appears the American clothing designer is teaming up with a creative, entrepreneurial model to create a new line of clothing for the brand. And one of the first components leaked to social media? A bunch of really collegiate and military-style embroidered patches! The model, Gigi Hadid, shared the patches on her Instagram account and I was surprised and thrilled at how similar they looked to many things we have right up on our website. That’s called being “on fleek”, right?

So while many people will rush out when the line is released in order to get in on the latest trend, there will be just as many creative individuals who go out and make their own versions of these styles, putting their own spin on them with customized embroidered patches or by using our stock patches in tried and true ways.

I’m hoping that as this trend follows through and people get creative, they’ll share their designs with us at PinMart. We’d love to share your unique brand of fashion, using any of our products, on our Instagram or Pinterest accounts. And if you’re already rocking our pins, patches, lanyards or bracelets, by all means show us! Get in touch on our website, or any of our social media outlets.

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