Resolve: Donate Blood

Ah, New Year’s resolutions. The time when we’re all dedicated to losing 10 pounds, increasing our savings, and finally taking up the Hawaiian electric pedal steel guitar (or maybe that’s just me?). Whatever you set your mind to do to improve yourself, I wish you the best of luck! And if you’re still looking for something to add to your list of resolutions, may I suggest making a habit of donating blood?

January happens to be National Blood Donation Month, and I think that the timing couldn’t be better, because while the idea of giving blood can scare some, so does the idea of brewing coffee at home every morning instead of dropping $5.00 on a venti caramel macchiato. And resolutions are all about facing down fears, and dedicating yourself to things that are good for you even if they may not be easy. Though to be fair, giving blood IS pretty easy.

The entire process of giving blood takes roughly 15 minutes, with only about 12-13 of thoseRed Cross Lapel Pin minutes being devoted to actual blood donation. It’s safe, you get to relax in a reclining chair the entire time, and best of all? You get cookies, juice, and sometimes evenĀ  a red cross lapel pin afterwards! And just one pint of blood, which is all you donate, can save up to three people!

So however you decide to celebrate the new year, consider resolving to donate blood whenever you can (and you can every 56 days!), and don’t hesitate to brag about it afterwards. Because donating blood doesn’t tend to make people jealous as much as when you brag about your amazing weight loss.

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