Ho, ho, ho-me Depot!

How do you celebrate the holidays? Tinsel everything in sight? Bake and eat delicious holiday recipes? Singing songs, wrapping gifts, spending time with family? Those are all ideal as far as I’m concerned, but what about when you’re at work? Especially when you don’t have a cube to decorate or you can’t wear your famed ugly Christmas sweater? Well, if you’re looking for suggestions, keep an eye out for this holiday season’s Home Depot commercials: you’ll see a number of our great holiday lapel pins, looking quite at home on the front of those iconic orange work aprons.

Home Depot teamed up with us this year to help celebrate the holidays by decorating their Holiday lapel pinsaprons, and sharing their holiday spirit in their English and Spanish language commercials. These will be airing everywhere throughout December.

Personally I don’t  want to see anyone decking halls or anything else until AFTER we’ve gotten our fill of turkey and cranberry sauce, but I can’t help but beam every time I see one of our pins on TV, and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone here on the blog! Thanks to Home Depot for letting us be a part of their holiday traditions, since they’re a part of so many other people’s holiday traditions. It’s quite an honor.

So if while you’re baking cookies, wrapping gifts or even trimming the tree this year, you catch one of our pins during a Home Depot commercial: let us know! And also let us know how you celebrate the holidays. We’d love to hear from you!

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