Who Do You Wear Pink For?

I’m not ashamed to admit that pink is my absolute favorite color. I’m not a girly girl but I do love a good pink… well, anything. But in October, pink takes on a different meaning for me. Breast cancer awareness month certainly doesn’t need me hyping it for people to remember that it exists, for sure: the color pink is everywhere. On football players, lighting up iconic buildings, on swag of every ilk. But just because breast cancer awareness has a great marketing team, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t still be discussed, or supported.

It would surprise me if I met someone who hadn’t been effected by cancer in some way or awareness ribbonsanother these days, be it someone in their immediate family, a friend, co-worker, or even themselves. And a struggle that prevalent needs all of our support both emotionally and financially, to turn the tide on this devastating diagnosis. That means signing up for those awareness walks, donating to charities, and wearing pink awareness ribbons. Because when someone is suffering with breast cancer, there’s a quantifiable emotional and physical benefit to seeing that support worn on the shirt or lapel of a friend or a stranger. It reminds them that their fight is not being fought alone. And that support is powerful medicine.

1-8 women in America will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. And as of 2012 almost 225,000 women in the US were battling it actively. Statistics like that are both overwhelming and also almost too big to wrap my head around. But when I break it down to thinking about my aunt, in her early 50’s, who developed breast cancer and ended up with a double mastectomy… well, it gets a lot more personal. And that’s why *I* wear pink in October, and let’s face it, all year.

Who do *you* wear pink for?

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