Customizable Lanyards Make Great Goody Bag Gifts

When you’re throwing an office party for Halloween, you don’t just want to buy a couple of bags of candy as favors; a lot of your workers will see nothing but candy for a few weeks, what with the leftovers from their kids and whatever the trick or treaters don’t take. Besides, individually-wrapped Snickers bars and Hershey’s Kisses aren’t exactly imaginative. If you’re looking for something unique to offer your workers, here are some suggestions from us at PinMart for things that will be useful and/or enjoyable:

Customized Lanyards

Not all of your favors have to be seasonally-themed (though you can obviously choose them with that in mind). One nice way to show your appreciation for your employees is to get customizable lanyards for them. These could be personally customized with their names or interests on them, or they could simply be company-specific. Either way, they’ll be useful. A great way to get into the seasonal spirit and still highlight your company is to opt for Halloween colors like orange, purple and black, or yellow and black, and include your logo on it. There’s still time to get these for your Halloween party, but you need to order now – like, right now!

Halloween Pins

Pins are always a great small gift for office parties – they can be used in so many ways! For instance, they can be attached to your messenger bag at work to give it some flair or to your Halloween costume to really play up the theme. People can use also place them on customizable lanyardsregular outfits, purses, and hats to give them some extra personality and express their enthusiasm for the holiday. Pin them to the lanyards when you’re filling the gift bags; for one thing, they can be worn that way and for another, they won’t accidentally fall out of the bag.

Interesting Snacks

There are plenty of inventive Halloween snacks out there that blow standard candy out of the water. Just take a look at Pinterest and the various cooking, craft, teacher and parent blogs for the loads of inspiration and thousands (probably more, in reality) of unique designs and recipes that they offer. From splattered blood cookies and white chocolate ghost strawberries to cake or cookie pops of lots of different varieties, there’s always something creative to bring in lieu of the normal fare. And those are just the things you’re putting in the goody bags. Don’t forget to use some of the more perishable ideas you find for the party itself!

Pumpkin Beverages

These days, fall may as well just be called “pumpkin time,” and what better way to get into the spirit of the season than to offer your employees a pumpkin-flavored beverage? The best way to do this is to stop by your local grocery store or head online and purchase sample-sized pumpkin spice coffee and a couple of pumpkin teabags for each person’scakepop goody bag. These are simple, inexpensive items to get that will please all but the most picky or curmudgeonly people.

Syringe Pens

Pens or pencils are one of the standards of any goody bag, whether for children or adults. So the best workaround you’ll have to keep this addition from being boring is to get something fun and themed. For instance, there are plenty of stores online that sell syringe pens that look as though they are filled with blood. Gross! But it will inject some life (pun intended) into your employees’ daily routine of filling out reports, taking notes, outlining business plans, etc.

Halloween parties are supposed to be fun, so don’t forget to include some games and prizes, and add anything else to those goody bags that you think workers might like!

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