August is National Immunization Month

As we go through the month of August I hear more commercials about school supplies, new school clothes, and that inevitable first day of school. It’s still warm outside, the sky still stays light until after dinnertime, but school is right around the corner. And this also means that it’s time to consider getting your children immunized against things like the flu. In fact, August is National Immunization Month, promoting early action for school age children and also for all others when it comes to flu shots, in preparation of colder weather and increasing viruses at work and school.medical lapel pins

There are lots of places to get your immunization, meaning you don’t need to go through the hassle of making an appointment with your doctor six weeks out. Many grocery stores and pharmacies will offer walk-in immunizations this time of year, and many schools will even have doctors and nurses available at the beginning of the year to provide proper immunization.

Keep an eye out for signs and medical personnel wearing medical lanyards or medical lapel pins indicating they’re able to provide immunizations and make a point to get yourself immunized today to ensure fewer illnesses this winter. Also: be sure to thank medical professionals for helping you out: I can’t imagine it’s a lot of fun sticking needles into people’s arms all day. They’re the every day heroes that we wouldn’t be able to do without!

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