Oh, Canada!

Happy Canada Day! Our neighbors to the north are celebrating their “birthday” just three days before America has its big patriotic blow-out this weekend. To be more specific, Canada Day represents the day that the three individual colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the United Province of Canada merged into a singular body under the British North American Act of 1867. However, it wasn’t until 1982 that Canada Day became an official Canadian holiday.

The subsequent 33 years have seen celebrations that are akin to what we see around the flag lapel pinsUS on the 4th of July, with all number of patriotic parades, ceremonies, declarations of citizenship, fireworks, concerts and other festivities. However, each locality has its own unique traditions associated with the day.

One thing you’re bound to see a ton of on this day, no matter where in Canada you find yourself, is the bright red maple leaf emblazoned on the white background of their beloved Canadian flag. While relatively new-it was created in 1964-it took hold quickly amongst the Canadian people. Today it is instantly recognizable around the world when seen flown, or on t-shirts, flag lapel pins or even painted on the faces of Canadian sports fans.

And so, with patriotism on my mind as Independence Day looms in the US, I want to wish all of Canada, a hearty and heart-felt HAPPY CANADA DAY!

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