Old Glory indeed!

Flag Day is upon us again! Politicians and patriots alike live for days like this, when they can pull out their American Flag lapel pins and wear them with extra pride. But how many of you out there know what the heck Flag Day is? Other than the day to stake your American Flag lawn ornaments out, to be left until after Labor Day. It’s actually the US Flag’s birthday, and for being 238 years old this year, I’d say it’s looking really good.

Back in 1777, our brand new country, all 13 colonies of it, was bursting out with pride after American flag lapel pinswinning, tenuously, its independence from the British Crown. And the first thing every country (or organization, club, or punk rock band) needs is a logo to unite everyone. This was decided upon on the 14th of June 1777 after 10 rough drafts, and lots of conjecture! But after returning to the drawing board ten times, they were confident they had it right on try number 11. And from then on, our flag has grown in stars but kept its 13 stripes, paying homage to our original colonies and our expanding country.

It really makes me wonder what our flag will look like in another 100 years.  But this year,  sharing your 50 star flag pride. American Flag lapel pins, lawn ornaments, shirts, hats, kerchiefs for Spot as well as actual flags are all welcome, and part of this amazing, ever-evolving country we call home. Happy Flag Day!

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