Appreciating Nurses Beyond National Nurse Week

It doesn’t have to be National Nurse Week for you to show your appreciation for nurses. Whether you’re a patient or a doctor, nurses deserve your appreciation year round. Nurses do a wide range of jobs that are all worth thanking them for. For patients, they watch over you and provide you with constant care. They monitor your progress to ensure your health improves. If you’re in the hospital, nurses work around the clock to deliver you your medications and treatments. If you’re not in the condition to care for yourself, they’ll bathe you, walk you to the restroom, and help you eat. Nurses also provide patients with the information they need to better understand their medications, medical exams, and health conditions. As for doctors, you would be unable to fulfill your duties without the help of nurses.

So, how can you thank your nurses for all their hard work and dedication?

• Nursing pins – Whether you are a physician or a patient, a great way to thank an exceptional nurse is through nursing pins. Pins can be worn on their scrubs as a constant Nursing pinsreminder of your appreciation. At PinMart, you can choose pre-made nursing pins or customize your own. PinMart has a wide variety of pins suited for all types of healthcare industries, including dental and pharmaceutical. With the holidays coming up, doctors should consider getting their nurses a special pin as a holiday gift.

• Thank you cards – A small thank you goes along way. If your nurse has helped you cope with a medical condition or regain your strength, you should thank him/her with a thank you card. Thank you cards can be handmade or purchased from a store. If the patient is a child, then they should consider a handmade card to make it more personal. Whatever kind of card you choose, write a personal message thanking your nurse for all he/she has done for you. For patients who are recovering from a serious health condition, write to your nurses every now and then to update them on your progress. They’d be happy to hear about how well you are doing.

• Awards – If you’ve had nurses who have gone above and beyond, nominate them for an award in their industry. Winning an industry award, such as The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses or the ANA’s National Awards Program is very honorable. Your nurses will be thrilled that you took the time to think about them and nominate them.
How will you thank your nurses?

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