Cancer Awareness – Who Knew that Ribbons could Help Save Lives?

Nearly every family is touched by cancer in some way. Roughly half of all men and a third of women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. And for those not directly impacted, there will be a relative or friend who is stricken with the disease. Though scientists are working tirelessly to find cures for the various forms of cancer, they have not yet found success.

Still, there is a cause for hope, as treatments improve and awareness is at an all-time high. Indeed, for most of us who are not doctors or scientists, raising awareness and funding is just about the best thing that we can do to help the cause.

In every community there are people working in the name of cancer awareness. There are schools and groups that hold Relay for Life fundraisers, which are very powerful and moving events. In them, participants raise money (pledged by sponsors) by walking various distances. They may participate individually or form a team that walks in the name of a person diagnosed with cancer. The names of the cancer victims or survivors are written onCancer Awareness Ribbons luminaries that ring the walkway. This is a beautiful event that unites people touched by cancer directly or indirectly.

Another popular way to get people involved, raise some money, and spread the word is with cancer awareness ribbons. These days, most people have seen these ribbons in a lot of places – on signs, TV ads, cereal boxes, and even in sports stadiums – and there is a reason for that. The more that people are aware of the need for research, treatments, and screenings, the more these people will make the right decisions about their own health and well-being.

Many cancer awareness products are easy to wear, can be customized, and  made in an array of colors and sizes. This is an easy and simple way to spread any message in the fight against cancer. The ribbons can be sold to raise money in support of an individual battling cancer, their family, or for an organization involved in the struggle. Cancer awareness ribbons can also send positive messages of hope for those touched by the disease.

In the fight against cancer, awareness, funding, and hope can go a long way. PinMart carries an array of pins designed to highlight this worthy issue.

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