Tips For Planning The Best Awareness and Charity Campaign

Tips For Planning The Best Awareness and Charity Campaign

Do you want to do something to help a cause that you feel passionate about? If so, you aren’t alone. According to a study done by The Nonprofit Almanac and CNN, 70% of Americans give to charity each year and estimate that $666.1 billion is contributed to the country’s economy by non-profits. An awareness campaign can be helpful for educating others and furthering your cause, regardless of what it may be. Some people that are new to charity and event planning may be a little worried about planning their own awareness raising event, but with the right planning and resources you can have something great. When you’re planning your next awareness raising or cause oriented event, make sure you follow the below tips.

Timing is everything

Are you passionate about raising awareness for breast cancer? If so, you may want to hold your awareness event in October during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do you want to raise money to help support our troops or veterans? Hold your event around Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, or the Fourth of July. Good timing can help make a difference between your event having a modest turn out to a lot of participation. See if there are any awareness months or weeks in the future, and plan around them.

Reach out locally

Do you have a favorite restaurant you like to eat at? Are you familiar with employees at some popular local businesses? These businesses may be willing to help sponsor your event. As we mentioned previously, there are a lot of people out there that want to give to awareness pinscharity and help others. Getting the right sponsorships can help provide food, prizes, or just plain old cash donations and helping hands. When you’re planning your event make a few phone calls and send a few e-mails. You never know who will be interested.

To get to the big picture, look at the little things

You have a big event planned out in your mind, but you have no idea how to make it reality. If you’re feeling stumped or overwhelmed planning wise, try to think about things on a smaller scale. Lets say you want your event guests to have something to take home, but you don’t know how to start planning. Reach out for donations of cash or prizes from local businesses for a raffle, and think about getting awareness pins or bracelets to give attendants. Once you think about things on a small scale, planning gets a lot easier.

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