Constitution Day Celebrations

Guess who’s 227 years old today? Our American Constitution! And since 1911 our country has been celebrating this day in a multitude of ways. Teachers will spend the week teaching students about this important document, and how it is truly a living, breathing document with ramifications upon our 21st century lives. And if you’re no longer in school, but still want to participate in Constitution Week, there are lots of ways to do that!

Check out your local library or community center. See if anything is going on that’s related to the celebration. Many local communities have a reading of the Constitution, along with festivities at local government buildings. It’s a great way to experience the Constitution, with those in your own community, and to meet local government officials.

Other festivities that are going on over the country include historical reenactments of thepatriotic pins signing of the Constitution, which brings to life the culture and the structure of society at the time it was signed. Also, many government buildings will be handing out printed versions of the Constitution along with small tokens of patriotism like American flag lapel pins or other patriotic pins depicting iconic American imagery.

High schools sometimes perform patriotic displays by dance or cheer-leading squads, and non-profits pick times like this to push information on getting out the vote for local elections.

However you do it, take a moment to celebrate Constitution day! Whether it’s by reading the Constitution, wearing patriotic pins, or registering to vote. It may not be as flashy as the 4th of July, but in terms of significance, this document is just as important as our independence day, because like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution provides a map of how our government can run, what it can and cannot do, and after 227 years, it is still just as relevant as it was the day it was signed.

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