To Ice or Not to Ice?

Love it or hate it, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is having a big impact not only on the ALS community and the research that is being done to help alleviate and eventually eradicate the disease, but also on how we view and experience the act of giving. Creating an active way to give back, and providing a platform for us as Americans to show off, as we so seem to like to do, while also building awareness and funds for a critical disease was a brilliant idea. Some feel it’s gone too far and turned into a publicity stunt. But the numbers don’t lie: $80 million dollars have been raised in response to the ice bucket challenge. That’s compared to under $2 million raised by this time last year.

And when the likes of Bill Gates and Superman have done it, it was a no-brainer for our awareness ribbon lapel pinsfearless leader, Steve Geyer, president of PinMart, to do it as well. Posted last week on our Facebook page, Mr. Geyer took the plunge and donated to the cause, while wearing awareness ribbon lapel pins. Even living in Florida, a bucket of ice water is a bit more than refreshing! So we want to thank him for his donation, bringing awareness to the cause, and everyone else doing the same.

For those not keen on the challenge, there are other ways to contribute to ALS, or other causes important to you. Purchasing products that donate proceeds to charity is a great way to give back and get something in return. Various awareness ribbon lapel pins on our site result in donations to causes when you purchase them through us, as well as other products, from rubber bracelets to lanyards. And of course you can participate in runs, bake sales, and other fundraising activities. Or just go to the website of your favorite charity and click “donate” to do your part with no fuss.

Whatever your feelings on the IBC, this phenomenon has raised awareness for ALS, and the idea of charities in general. It is reshaping how we as Americans give, and that’s unequivocally a good thing. Everyone can donate something, be that time, money, or products like awareness ribbons, to their favorite cause. From the controversial to the conventional, donations create change. Do your part!


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