Our Lapel Pins Made Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings Magainze!

Lapel pins are great alone or – as shown in the Spring 2014 edition of Martha Stewart’s marthastewartsealReal Weddings magazine – great with a card.

The pairing of lapel pins and stationary creates awesome presentation cards that PinMart has been selling for a while, and this awesomeness didn’t go unnoticed by the editorial team for Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings magazine. In the Spring 2014 edition for Real Weddings, custom PinMart lapel pins were paired with witty words and warm-colored designs printed on high quality stationary by PaperPresentation.com.

custom PinMart lapel pinsSome of the Real Weddings presentation cards in the magazine included a save the date, getting married, and see you soon card – great for people who like to keep things casual and classy at the same time.

According to PinMart’s very own Cheri Dominelli, who helped facilitate the feature in the magazine, “The concept is an innovative use of our pins in a simple yet splendid visual.”

And the visual is stunning indeed. As seen in the “OH SNAP!” card, graphics on the stationary were used to complement the pin. By adding a flash! graphic to the corner of the camera pin, a sense of action is portrayed – a great example of how things on stationary don’t always have to appear to be.. well, stationary.

Another great example of this actionable feeling portrayed by the presentation cards is seen on the “BON VOYAGE!” card. Unlike a printed graphic of a plane, the plane pin gives the recipient of the card something to touch and experience. Also, the plane that pops off the stationary creates a feeling of flying upward… toward the sky… headed to Paris.

If you’re interested in creating presentation cards like those featured in Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings magazine, you have two options:

1. You can purchase pins and stationary separately (pins from $1.50 at PinMart.com and stationary from PaperPresentation.com from $8.00 for 25 sheets)

2. You can purchase pre-designed presentation cards from PinMart.com.

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