3 Common Organizations that Benefit from Challenge Coins

If you want to show someone in your organization how grateful you are for their work, there are multiple ways to do so. Many employers like to send out e-mails to their organization highlighting an employee’s dedicated efforts, and other businesses partake in an “employee of the month” type of award program. Any type of recognition is a great idea – you can help to boost a worker’s self-esteem while simultaneously congratulating them on their achievements.

One of the greatest tokens of appreciation can be challenge coins. Many organizations and businesses use these coins, though they are most well-known in the military. A challenge coin is a small two sided coin or medallion that bears a logo or insignia of a particular organization. Not only can these customizable coins prove to be a nice way to show your gratitude, but they are also an easy way of signifying that a person is affiliated with your organization.

Here are three organizations that can benefit from challenge coins.

1. The Military
Coins mean quite a bit to men in uniform, especially the military. This is a perfect way to Challenge coinshighlight an individual’s rank and participation in a certain company. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces have a very long tradition of carrying coins in order to symbolize unit identity, as well as brotherhood.

2. Police Officers
Challenge coins are a great idea for the police force. They can not only instill a sense of camaraderie in officers, but also a sense of pride. As with the military, coins can be used in the police force to indicate the rank, squad, or department of each member, giving the person holding them a sense of individuality as well as community.

3. Businesses
In any business setting, a challenge coin can be useful in several ways. Many businesses these days are using them to commemorate company milestones. They are also a major way to celebrate success and encourage employees by recognizing their achievements.

A  great thing about challenge coins is that they can be customized to fit the needs of any organization. Whether its a specific color or company logo, you can choose a unique coin that will reflect your intended purpose. A challenge coin can instill confidence, a sense of community, and self-esteem for an organization and its people.

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