Your Simple Guide to Navy Pins

Your Simple Guide to Navy Pins

If you take a look at military pins online you will see that there are more Navy pins than ever. This is because hat and lapel pins are both great ways to show pride in our military. Here are some of the most common Navy pins you will see:

• General Navy pins – Perhaps the most common Navy pins are those that simply say “Navy,” “U.S. Navy” or show one of the Navy’s logos such as the anchor or an eagle. These pins can be worn on a lapel or hat to show support for the Navy overall. They are by no means limited only to sailors—Navy pins are often worn by family members as well, to show their pride in their sailor or veteran and in the U.S. military. Navy pins are extremely popular and draw instant camaraderie between veterans, service members, and family members.
• Specific tours of duty – Some sailors and vets will wear Navy pins that represent service in a specific campaign, theater or tour of duty. For example, there are many veterans today who wear Navy pins representing their service in Afghanistan or Iraq. These pins will show the colors of the campaign ribbon and the year served, such as ’07. Campaign pins like this may not make immediate sense to civilians, but they have the advantage of calling out to other veterans of the same campaign.

Navy pins
• Unit insignia – Obviously, there’s a lot of pride and even some competitiveness between different fleets, units, and occupations in the Navy. Some U.S. Navy pins will show pride in a certain unit or type of service. For example, you may see a sailor wearing an Atlantic Fleet pin, an Amphibious or Air Crew pin, or a pin for the specific ship they serve on. All of these can foster a sense of brotherhood with fellow sailors of the same ship, line of work or fleet.
• Pins for family members – Some navy pins that have become very popular are those that are designed not for active or veteran sailors, but for their loved ones. For example, you may see a wife wearing an “I heart my sailor” pin or a father wearing a “My Daughter is USN” pin. There are specific pins for virtually every relationship, whether you have a brother, sister, son, daughter, mother, father, or significant other in the service.

• Rank pins – Also not uncommon are lapel pins that show the rank a sailor has achieved. These are not part of official dress uniform but they can be worn with civilian attire to make a strong impression. For example, you might see someone wearing a lapel pin that shows the rank insignia of a Petty Officer 1st Class.

Do you have a U.S. Navy pin?

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