Summertime… and the living (can be) easy

A diagnosis of cancer is devastating. It’s also most of the time a complete surprise. Cancer runs in most families, in some form or another, so the possibility is there for most of us at some point in our lives, and requires our attention, as well as regular physicals. But just because cancer is a reality that most of us have to face does not mean we’re powerless to defend against it. Skin cancer is one form of cancer that is largely preventable through our own actions. It’s also one of the most common forms of cancer, so to minimize it can take a big bite out of a person’s cancer risks. It’s all down to UV rays.

July is UV Safety Month. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the ways in which people can minimize their risk of skin cancer. It’s simple things like wearing 511sunscreen  and doing your best to enjoy the sunshine and summertime in a smart way. Wearing UV protective sunglasses, sunscreen, and big floppy hats are all ways you can limit your likelihood of getting cancer.

It sounds simple I know, but every year 3.5 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed. So awareness and reminders are key. Some skincare companies, swimsuit designers and other summertime industries are creating awareness lapel pins to give out with their products as a way to help people keep skin protection on their mind. Some stores display their mannequin models sporting trendy cover-ups or sun hats. Others include written information about the risks and the ways to help prevent UV damage with their products.

However you remember: this blog, awareness lapel pins, the American Cancer Association Website, do yourself a favor this summer and enjoy it: worry free!

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