It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Service Technician Appreciation Day!

Ah technology. What would we do without it? It’s a question we end up answering ourselves when, for whatever mysterious reason, our computer crashes. At work this means a loss of productivity, a loss of income for the company, and lets face it, a lot of staring blankly at cube walls because without our computers, in the 21st century, industry comes to a screeching halt. But thankfully, system administrators are always there, coming to the rescue to demystify the problem and untangle the literal and figurative cords in order to restore connectivity and productivity. And on the 25th we thank them during System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Seriously, these individuals are proverbial heroes in whatever setting they’re placed into. Whether it’s your standard office, a shipping company, department store or the US government, without system admins, the entire country would grind to a halt. And while recognition lapel pinthat’s their job, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a huge thank you for the number of times they’ve gone above and beyond “Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?”.

It doesn’t need to be expensive, especially since budgets are still tight for most businesses, and big presentations take up too much time during the day. A card signed by everyone in the office, plus a small token like a “world’s best” mug or something like a recognition lapel pin will go a long way to reminding system admins that they’re more than just the office techie, they’re both Clark Kent AND Superman.

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