Safety First!

We wear helmets when we ride our bikes, seat belts when we’re in the car, and wash our hands after taking the garbage out. As a culture we tend to think we’re fairly safety minded, and take heed of safety precautions, but surprisingly, accidental injury is at an all-time high. Because of this and many other reasons, National Safety Month exists!

National Safety Month aims to look at more than just the obvious methods for avoiding safety lapel pinsinjury, and seeks to remind the American public about the less obvious causes of injury both at work and out and about. Things like not driving when tired, or texting on the road, as well as at work issues such as repetitive motion injuries, and stressing the benefits of ergonomic office products.

So during June the National Safety Council works hard to get the word out throughout the country by providing seminars, distributing written material to businesses, and providing promotional items to help keep safety on the public’s mind. Items like fridge magnets, key rings, and safety lapel pins can be fun ways to help keep a person’s attention on all the ways a person can work towards making their lives safer and therefore, more productive.

While nationally the council works to promote safe work and life practices, individual companies and cities have their own initiatives and focus in on safety issues unique to their industry or location, whether that means physical safety for construction sites, or water safety for cities near the ocean or lakes. But the methods for teaching are the same regardless of the content: public events, printed teaching material, and free, fun swag like rubber bracelets and safety lapel pins.

However your company or community chooses to address safety issues, do your part to help raise awareness in June, and throughout the year, about the safety issues that matter to you.

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