Celebrate Presidents’ Day throughout The Year

President’s Day is celebrated the third Monday in February each year. Americans recognize this holiday as day to celebrate the lives of all of the presidents that have served our country. People choose to celebrate this holiday in a number of different ways and usually show their admiration by proudly displaying their American pride with lapel pins and other decorations. Like many holidays, lapel pins can help people celebrate far beyond a single date on the calendar.

History of Presidents’ Day

Although many people refer to this holiday as Presidents’ Day, the correct name of the holiday is actually Washington’s Birthday. George Washington is the reason this holiday began being celebrated all the way back in 1796. It wasn’t until 1880 that Washington’s Birthday became the first federal holiday and was celebrated every February 22nd until 1968. It was this year that Congress introduced the Uniform Monday Holiday Bill, which switched federal holidays to Mondays to give United States workers as many long weekends as possible. Although it has been discussed to officially change the holiday’s name to Presidents’ Day, it was never formally switched.

How We Celebrate

Since the holiday falls between February 15th and 22nd each year, many people take the opportunity to specifically honor both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose lapel pinsbirthday is on 22nd. Other people also use the day to celebrate all of our country’s presidents, both past and present. There are many things Americans can do to celebrate this holiday and it’s a great day to display American pride by wearing patriotic lapel pins and other American inspired apparel and accessories. Americans throughout the country also enjoy participating in celebrations, reenactments and other events that feature the lives of the leaders of our country. Many schools use the month of February to celebrate and study the accomplishments of the presidents of the United States, typically putting a larger focus on the lives of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Make it a point this year to acknowledge the reason why Presidents’ Day is considered a federal holiday. Rather then viewing the day as an opportunity to have a day off from work to go shopping, take the time to reflect and celebrate this important American holiday throughout the year. Without American leadership, we would not be where we are today: living in the home of the brave and free.

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