I Mustache You A Question: Will You Marry Me?

It seems that my formal wardrobe always doubles this time of year. Between the engagement parties, the weddings, receptions and then the anniversary parties, May is a month of marital celebration. And unless you’re eloping (and sometimes even when you do!) the celebrations these days for engagements and weddings are no small affair. Every single aspect of the event is carefully coordinated, choreographed and complimented to every other aspect of the event. Weddings especially have become an art form, and originality and theme are at the top of the list of important aspects. And for people looking to get cutting edge, gorgeous wedding planning ideas, most brides and planners turn to the guru: Martha Stewart. And who did Martha Stewart turn to recently? PinMart!!

That’s right! PinMart is featured in Martha Stewart’s current issue of Real Weddings, and we here couldn’t be more proud. They turned our creative lapel pins into a center piece on save the date and wedding announcement cards. Camera lapel pins, airplanes, and our lapel pinspineapple lapel pin were shown, with puns and alliteration added in for effect. It was a great way to use lapel pins in a non-traditional way, and of course, after the cards are delivered, attendees are more than welcome to remove the pins from the cards and wear them to the event!

It was a very big honor to be included in such an influential magazine and we here at PinMart were thrilled to see our lapel pins in print! And believe me, with all the weddings and wedding related events I’m going to be going to this summer, you can be sure I’m going to bring up our feature at every possible moment. It’ll be a nice way to turn the conversation away from when *I* plan on getting married, which, you know, also happens every summer at weddings.

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