Memorial Day Means Beginnings… And Memories

Where did May go? Everyone’s asking that this week, myself included. And it’s true, it has flown by, and now the first holiday of the summer is upon us: Memorial Day. Personally, this is one of my favorite holidays. It combines beginnings (summer kicking off) with honoring others’ brave endings (remembering fallen soldiers), and there’s something about the balance to that that really inspires me.

This Monday, there will be parades, cookouts, and everywhere you go there will be veterans selling poppy flowers. I remember these pieces from when I was very young and they haven’t changed a bit in the interceding years. But while these paper poppies are still given out, there are lots of ways to remember veterans on this day, and all year round.

Take time to thank veterans whenever you come across them throughout the year. In airports or hospitals, on the street, at work. Thank them. They’ve given the entire nation a gift that we can never fully repay them for.

Wear a poppy lapel pin all year round, and give them to  family and poppy lapel pinfriends of the military. Poppy lapel pins are fashioned after the sweet paper poppies given out on Memorial day, but are meant to last forever, and serve as a reminder and a tribute to fallen vets every day of the year.

Surprise a vet selling poppies this year by donating money and instead of taking a poppy yourself, pin a poppy lapel pin on their shirt instead. That way you can give back to things like V.A. hospitals and veterans programs, and also give back to the vet themselves, those great men and women who stand out all day on Memorial day collecting those donations.

Whatever you end up doing on Memorial day, celebrate. Celebrate summer, freedom, family, and thank a vet. We at PinMart are so grateful to our former and currently serving service men and women. We wouldn’t be who we are without you!!!

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