Military Pins are used for more than Just Special Occasions

Military pins are a popular item these days, but many people don’t realize just how versatile they are. When many people imagine an occasion for wearing them, they think of war memorials and official military occasions exclusively, but there are lots of other instances when people will wear these symbolic pieces.

Why wear military pins? Here are a few of the best reasons:
To show support for a particular military branch

Whether you’re a veteran yourself or you just have one in the family, lots of people have an attachment to a particular branch of military service, whether it is the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard or National Guard. Wearing a military pin is a great way to USARMYshow your support of a branch. It will also help you to strike up conversations with other people who share your enthusiasm!

To show your patriotism

Supporting the U.S. armed forces is supporting the U.S. as a nation. Someone who adds a military pin to their outfit is usually someone of unquestioned patriotism. That’s why a military pin is a great addition for any patriotic occasion or even for everyday display.

To connect with other veterans and active military members

If you’re a veteran or you’re currently in the armed forces, you are part of an elite group who has dedicated their lives to defending our nation and its values. There’s no simpler way to let others know that you’re a veteran and to connect with them than wearing a military pin. To a civilian, it’s a subtle accessory, but to another service member, it will stand out immediately. More than one veteran has met a new friend simply by spotting the military paraphernalia they’re wearing.

As a lapel pin for important occasions

Even if you don’t wear your military pin on an everyday basis, it can be a great formal accent when you need to look your best. While an Army t-shirt or Marine Corps baseball hat might not fit in at a black tie event, a military pin can go anywhere. Worn on the lapel of a suit or near the shoulder of a dress, it is a tasteful accent that still emphasizes your affiliation.

As a keepsake of your particular unit or division

Military pins go far beyond simple branches of service. There are hundreds of pins for individual units, both current and historic. You can show pride in your particular unit and remember the times you shared as comrades by wearing your unit’s insignia as a pin.

For Veterans Day

You don’t have to be a veteran to show pride on Veterans Day. Let vets know you appreciate their service by wearing military pins… and then thanking the vets in your life!

Do you have a military pin? When do you like to wear it?

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