A Military Milestone Worth Honoring

On March 3rd, 2014 the United States Navy Reserves will celebrate their 99th birthday. This day should be a time to reflect and thank all the Navy Reserve Sailors who are currently and have previously served the United States abroad and at home. The families, communities, and employers who have and continue to support these special mean and women should also be thanked and remembered. A great way to commemorate this special birthday is to purchase and proudly wear Navy pins.

The Navy Reserves were established on March 3, 1925. At the end of the 19th century, naval militias were organized in a number of states throughout the country. These militias represented the Navy’s manpower reserve and throughout the Spanish-American War107 these units helped in coastal defense and also served aboard United States’ navy ships. The state naval militias were very successful during this war and as a result, were used again during World War I (WWI) and every consequent conflict that the United States has been involved in.

Each conflict, including the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan, has relied on Navy Reservists. These hardworking men and women support the mission of the organization by providing and delivering operational capabilities to the Marine and Navy Corps teams. Furthermore, they support the Joint Forces throughout all military operations during times of peace and war. Members of the Navy Reserves have also worked alongside all branches of our country’s military and service men and women from other countries to perform and carry out missions.

When men and women enlist in our armed forces they are choosing to put their life on the line for our country. This action takes a courageous amount of dedication, bravery, and perseverance. Our service men and women in the Navy Reserves deserve our respect, support and thanks throughout the year because they are a huge reason why as Americans we feel safe and protected.

Navy Reservists continue to be an integral part of our United States’ military and each member should be honored on the organization’s 99th birthday. To show your support and gratitude for the Navy Reserve and their motto of: “Ready Now. Anytime, Anywhere,” display your Navy Pins on March 3rd, and every other day of the year.



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