Now it’s Personal

World Cancer Day was just a couple of days ago. I write, tweet, and post about it every year, and every year it is something I take seriously, because, and excuse the pun, but cancer is dead serious. But this year, while tweeting, posting and writing about World Cancer Day, I got word of the passing of an old friend from cancer, and my best buddy, my dog, was also diagnosed with cancer. So while I tend to put a lot of emphasis on WCD every year, this year, it’s personal.

Cancer, in the past year, personally effected over 13.7 million Americans. And it is estimated that in 2014 another 1.7 million new cases will be diagnosed. These staggering numbers are why I push awareness ribbons that help raise money for cancer research, why694new PinMart stocks cancer pins, lanyards, and paracord bracelets. My friend, a chemical engineer working on a cancer drug right now, pointed out that cancer drugs can take up to 10 years to perfect for practical use. And if time isn’t enough of an issue, the money required to fund this research for such a long time is astronomical. So things like awareness ribbons, cash donations, and pledge walks are so important.

Chances are you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. It has touched all of us in some way, some more personally than others, but everyone can point to someone in their lives who has battled cancer. Something so prevalent needs a cure, needs cures, and that’s what awareness ribbons do. It sounds silly, but if everyone who has ever had any brush with cancer personally or through a friend donated to cancer research through something like an awareness ribbon, that would be roughly 314 million donations. And numbers like that are what cure cancer.

Do your part for your friends, your family, your coworkers, your pets. No one deserves the personal knowledge of cancer, and what it can do to a person, a family, or a community.

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