Feels like six more MONTHS of winter…

This time of year those of us in the colder climates really start to tire of the snow and winter weather. Spring is still weeks away, but Christmas and New Years feel like ages ago, and that slump, there’s no better word for it, starts to take its toll. In our office the cabin fever and the winter doldrums are endemic, as I’m sure are many offices stuck in the polar vortex. But it’s during weeks and months like this one that I at least begin to look forward to the little things: the drive home being slightly sunnier each day are a big one for me. Another thing that crops up in early March is Employee Recognition Day! It’s a great opportunity for offices large and small to shake off the winter pall and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

You can do a number of things to celebrate a day like this, because no matter what yourS836 role in a company is, you get to participate. Having a catered lunch brings people from other departments together who might not otherwise get to interact much on a given day. Or little tokens of appreciation like lanyards or recognition pins can brighten up an office’s day quite a bit, regardless of the weather outside.

Days like this don’t need to be a big production, but putting forth the effort for your work force can do wonders to dispel the sluggishness that often sets in this time of year. Whether it’s coffee and donuts brought in in the morning, or recognition pins left on everyone’s desk to find when they arrive, just a simple positive change in the daily grind can put a whole new spin on things.

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