What goes up, must come down

Resolutions sounded like such a good idea on the 31st of December. Especially on your second martini. Super achievable. You’ll be 10 pounds lighter with the job of your dreams by February, tops… and then, say, 3 January pops up and suddenly: eh. Maybe those 10 pounds are necessary, and come on, you work to live, not live to work, right? Right? Eh.

Don’t misunderstand me: I actually love my job, and no comment on the 10 pounds, but the sentiment is the same for everyone who makes resolutions come the New Year. The momentum is rolling on the 1st of January, and sometimes it’s just a matter of time, and others it’s an early setback like an illness or a bad job market, but no matter what, unless you’re freakishly positive and motivated, setbacks are bound to happen. But setbacks can be overcome with simple words of encouragement, an app that reminds you to keep to your goals, or even motivational lapel pins.

Doing anything difficult, whether it’s physical, mental, or a combination, requires focus S834and motivation, and small reminders can really help refocus your mind when you’re struggling. Good luck charms, motivational lapel pins, even just a post-it note with a positive affirmation, can do the trick.

For me, my setback came in the form of a major car repair on the first day back to work, 2 January. Not exactly motivational. But with some good friends, a bit of sympathy, and some positive thinking, I’m back on track. I may even go grab a pin from our warehouse, to remind me to “Never Quit”!

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